Fujian XianYou Fuzhong the luck hardwood classical factory founded in 1989, was located in a Fujian Province countyyouCounty announcement town, the area 30 Chinese acres, the workshop areaamounts to more than 20,000 square meters. Is specialized is engagedin the design development to suit the star class hotel necessaryclassical furniture, the temple ancient construction decorates, in thestyle of antiquity project and so on architectural design andbotanical garden ancient construction. For several years, 赁 borrowthe abundant strength and the good prestige unceasingly grow strong,the bold innovation, presently have the first-class design personneland the modernization manage the labor equipment, the excellenttechnical worker and complete set lumber processing and the productionequipment, the consummation quality monitoring system. The company hadbeen established for more than ten for years, in line with strives forrealism the professional spirit, depends upon its abundant technicalforce, the advanced production craft, the present product spreads manyprovinces, the city, has more than 100 temples in Taiwan to use theour company the woodcarving product. Has won user's praise and thefaith, the name raises everywhere. "The good faith cooperation, thereciprocal benefit mutual benefit" are our company's cooperationprinciple, is willing to provide, the comprehensive service highquality for everywhere customers. Zealous welcome general merchantsaltogether Qia service, cooperation development.

Company: Fujian Xian You FuzhongFu luck hardwood classical factory
Address: Fujian Province countyyou County announcement townbrook east village west road
Telephone: 0594-7785016 facsimile: 0594-7711156 handset:13959576153

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